Indulging Your Best Happy Hour in KL with Italian Dishes

Italy, a country provides not only breathtaking scenery, culture but also gastronomical delights. There are possible hundreds of cuisines in the country which belongs to the Mediterranean age and land.

Italian food is usually dishing that people find it to be more substantial in the palate, for instance, savoury and sweet. These foods often go well with alcohol which you can find a cocktail bar.

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In fact, many traditional Italian dishes are being replicated incorporate with the preferred taste buds of Malaysian to create a unique dish. Which you can find at rooftop restaurant nowadays.

Other than pizzas and pasta, which you can easily find nowadays during happy hour promotion. Read this article to understand more about the different types of traditional Italian dishes you can try out.

Did You Hear These Dishes Before?

First of all, there is an Arancini. A more snack party food instead of a proper meal. You probably have meatball on pasta before, but do you have it alone in Italian style?

Yes, this dish is a fried rice ball with a crunchy and crispy outer layer, which is breadcrumbs. What can you expect inside the meatball?

Similar to pasta and pizza ingredients, you can find tomato sauce, cheese, some vegetable such as peas not to forget ragu sauce. Which is perfect during nightlife as you just use your finger to eat it.

Ham is one of the staple breakfast foods on your plate. However, have you eaten cold ham before? It is not literally frozen, but the meat is usually served cold at the best place for candlelight dinner.

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Best place for candlelight dinner serves Prosciutto. That is a dry-cured ham explicitly made in the central and northern regions of Italy. This is served uncooked and cold dishes provide a light, creamy and airy texture to your mouth.

And this food is usually served with pasta as well. You can pair it with wine, which is perfect at a bar near KLCC as well.

For those who don’t know, there are many famous dishes of Italianize created during the war period. Which is also known as mediocre man food. You can find these foods in a fine dining restaurant nowadays.

Which bring you to the next dishes, Ribollita. Some little history of this food, it was created by people that couldn’t afford a proper meal in the past.

They collect unfinished food such as stale bread and leftover vegetables and boil them together to make it become a meal. It is rich and hearty, and it has become one of the most essential dishes in Tuscany. You can get these foods during romantic dining in KL with your partner as well.

Having A Sweet Tooth?

If you have dived a little bit deeper into Italian dishes. You can find that many popular desserts are being served in many places. Such as rooftop bar KL, are originated from Italian.

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One of them is tiramisu, which is a light and creamy coffee taste dessert. This dessert is loved by most locals and travellers. Made with ingredients such as ladyfingers, coffee, eggs and cheese. There are also many creative twists of this dishes such as fruit tiramisu at fine dining restaurant Kuala Lumpur.

The Best Life You Can Indulge

With all of that being said, it’s your turn to try out Italian dishes now. Wondering where you can get it in Kuala Lumpur? Fear not, as many Italian restaurants serve authentic Italian dishes at a different price point currently.

If you want your romantic dinner to be Italian style, there is also a three-course menu that does so. Just search it online, and you will find many KL’s Italian restaurants providing great ambience to serve these foods.

Interestingly, many restaurant dinners also turn their restaurant into the event space for nightlife. If you are planning to organize a party that comes with great food. You can get this restaurant prepared for you at a different price point.

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