Top 5 Reason Why You Should Shop at Pazzion Malaysia

“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life” As funny as the statement was, it is true that a pair of shoes is very meaningful for women. It could be everyday shoes, fancy shoes to the bar up until the heels that she wore at the wedding. That’s the purpose of the lady’s shoe shop.

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Let’s get back to the fundamentals, shoes help a person to avoid the problem such as corns and bunions that cause pain and disfigurement. A good pair of flat shoes can help to provide infections that can potentially derive from hookworm, tick bites, and injuries.

Stands Out with Shoes

Branded shoes are preferred when women have the budget to choose. This is because the brands have been long established and it has very high recognition in the public. Branded shoes could also mean that the design is better when compared to normal priced shoes. As the simplest form takes the most amount of thought process and construction.

The materials use to craft the shoes are mostly high in quality and have it sourced declared to the public. For instance, the business used quality leather to craft their shoes. Which varies from flats, heels to sandals in Malaysia

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Some Shoe “Statistics”

Did u know, women spend over 10,000 dollars in her lifetime on footwear alone? Imagine what kind of other possession u can get by owning that 10,000 dollars. More than 50% of females purchase a pair of shoes, sandals, flip flop or boots once a month.

Good quality shoes must not only look good but also provide great comfortability to its wearer. In many cases, unfit pair of shoes can cause a condition such as toe damage, hammer toe, or even shorten and tighten the calf muscles.

Pazzion Malaysia – The Only Shoe Shop You Need

First of all, which shopper doesn’t fancy VIP status when you shop long enough at the same merchant. That’s right, the online ladies shoe shop provide VIP status for customers that spend above RM500. 

The VIP status allows customers to enjoy a 10% discount on the total order. It can save a lot when you are purchasing many items at a time including buying heels online.

Follow by that, Pazzion Designer allows the 1-time exchange of the product for free. This is because women may often purchase the wrong size or wrong colour of the product. The dissatisfaction can be easily resolved by providing a free exchange. It can increase customer loyalty as well.

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Most importantly, Pazzion Malaysia won’t charge delivery fees when customers spend over RM100 at the website. How convenient it is.

The website is updated with various sales and promotions to attract customers to purchase their products online. Purchasing online also allows customers access to customer reviews. As the online community trusts each other opinions rather than the business claims of product quality now.

Aside from that, the reason why online websites becoming the trend may be caused by the stress caused by the salesperson at the retail shop. By purchasing online, customers won’t have to deal with high-pressured sales experience. 

Other Than Just Shoes

Pazzion Malaysia also produces leather products such as fashionable shoulder bags, timeless clutch bags, trendy hand-carry tote bags, and purses. It also sells accessories such as insole, cleaner and grip

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