Dishes You Must Try at Italian Restaurant Near KLCC

Malaysia Truly Asia” is the brand-new slogan for the tourism of the country. Although it may seem simple, having to use three words to define Malaysia tourism and the environment. But happy hour promotion actually has a deep meaning.

Malaysia is the country almost in the heart of Southeast Asia, making it unique in its way. For instance, Malaysia has a very diverse and multi-cultural population, unlike other countries. Also includes an Italian restaurant in KL that is very popular.

Thus, there are many kinds of best happy hour Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Which includes different Italian restaurants. Italian cuisine has been receiving much attention and love from fellow Malaysians. As the food is being well rounded and delicious.

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At the happy hour KL, the food itself also evolves through hundreds of years to become the rendition you are enjoying currently. Interestingly, every area of Italy has its own unique touch, which can result in a very different cuisine with bombastic flavour.

People not originated from Italy also loves the food, so why don’t you take a chance to explore it? It is tough to find someone who doesn’t have any knowledge of Italian cuisine. Not to forget to buy the cheap alcoholic beverages in Kuala Lumpur during the happy hour promo.

One of the reasons why cheap beer in Kuala Lumpur is popular internationally is because it is known as a superfood. Italian cuisine uses fresh and simple ingredients which every household can afford them. There is a commonality between all types of Italian cuisine.

Take A Slice

Food from MM Grand Caffé in KL can represent itself without many unique ingredients. Pizza is one of the Italian cuisines that received much love globally. Looking at the fast-food chain around you and you will be shocked how much revenues pizza alone can bring per year. Americans are one of the countries that embraced the cuisine the most. The different location also has different types of pizza with different offerings.

Pasta is also the most accessible food around available at a nice bistro in KL. Whether fresh or pre-made, every housewife can whip out a fancy dish with just a box of pasta. Pasta is heavily used in many unique Italian cuisines. The key ingredient to making pasta is just flour, eggs and water. Simple as that! You just simply boil the pasta until the consistency you desire, pairing it with some simple sauce and herbs will throw you a scrumptious meal.

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Malaysian Rendition of Italian Cuisine

America is one of the countries that pushed the globalization of typical Italian dishes. First supermarkets in Malaysia also sell Italian ingredients that are ready to cook. For instances, ground herbs, box pasta, frozen Italian meals and cans of sauce. Yet, there is a drastic difference between the taste you can get at the supermarket compared to the restaurant.

Thus, there is a rise in demand for an authentic Italian restaurant in Malaysia. Interestingly, Malaysians are all preferred to use the sauce in a jar compare to making themselves as it saves times and convenience.

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Here Are Some of The Italian Dishes You Must Try


This dish is also known as Sicilian Caviar, made by the southern part people in Italian. In the past, the southern people would make them during August and September. The dish is consist of eggs, orange and grated pasta. The highlight of the meal is to bring out the savoury and smokey flavour. Bottarga is recognized as one of the most sumptuous dishes of all time.

Fiorentina Steak

The steak is one of the most loved and authentic dishes in the Italian context. As people would be amazed by the sheer size of the food. It is made out of thick pieces of cow meat.