Reason of Why You Should Book The Best Hotel Chiang Mai

Book a hotel Chiang Mai to experience the things Chiang Mai has to offer. One of the things many tourists does when visiting Chiang Mai is the night market Bazaar. At night, the street is filled with vendors selling items such as fake branded items, leather products, souvenirs and many more. Moreover, the night market offers various Thai street food such as Pad Thai.

If you are shopper than stay any hotel near night market bazaar. It is very convenient especially after a long walk at the night market. It is recommended to walk to a few stalls before making a purchase and negotiate for lower prices. 

chiang mai hotels near night market

When it comes to Thailand, many people visit the famous temples. The temples are built in the beautiful architecture design. Moreover, most of the temples are few century-old which makes many tourists admire the place. Most of the temples are rather big in which tourist can experience the giant buddha statue.

Do visit the mountains of Chiang Mai to visit the famous long neck people. People in Thailand call it as Karen which mean long neck. However, some of these people living in the mountains are originally from Myanmar. Do stay at hotel Chiang Mai near these places to enjoy the experience of the cultures and the scenery. 

Sit Back and Relax At the Bars

Nimmanhaemin street is a famous street that has fancy bars and restaurant for people to chill out with friends and family. Tourist is able to enjoy ice-cold beers or cocktail drinks while enjoying some delicious meal from the restaurants. The place is known as a rich area as many expensive and big houses are in the area. The street is a hotel to stay in Chiang Mai for tourist to chill and relax.

Other than the famous street in Chiang Mai, there are other few places that offer restaurants and bars. If you are a type who enjoys drinking hence do find the best lodge to stay in Chiang Mai near the bars. It is recommended to try Thailand beers when having a vacation in Chiang Mai. 

chiang mai night bazaar hotel

Things to Do In Chiang Mai

Many tourists who have been to Chiang Mai recommends sitting the red cab also known as Songthaew. The red truck is famous for travelling around the city in which much local use it because is much cheaper. Do take note that the truck will only travel when the capacity is full. However, staying accommodation in Chiang Mai that has many of these songthaews is so easy to travel around the city. 

accommodation chiang mai thailand

If you are a type who likes site seeing than Chiang Mai is the place for you. Do visit the Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon which covered with old soil quarry. The place has collected rainwater that is up to 40 meters deep which many people go there for a swim. Book accommodation in Chiang Mai to enjoy the fun activities the place has to offer.

One of the tips is to stay hotel near night market bazaar because is convenient. That is because the night market places near many restaurants, shopping malls, public transport and etc. Therefore, tourist is able to get a quick meal or transportation just outside the hotel. It is recommended to try Chiang Mai’s street food.