Top Six Things to do on Your Visit to Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is very different from Bangkok even though it lies only two hours on the southeastern side of the capital. It is a beach city that is much laid back but it doesn’t lack when it comes to nightlife, liveliness, and things to do and see. You will also get a chance to taste the delicious bbq seafood buffet Pattaya.

The best thing to do in Pattaya depends on your personality and what you are ready and willing to see. We have people who will just want to enjoy a 5-star hotel in Pattaya and that’s all. Here are some of the best things to do in Pattaya.

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Muay Thai Boxing

Checking out the Muay Thai boxing is the first thing to recommend for Pattaya visitors. These matches take place on a weekly if not daily basis. It is among the most popular sports in Thailand. You can get information from the beach resort that you are staying in or ask around and you will get more information about these events. Even a taxi can help you to get to the venue of the event.


You can still get a nice holiday resort in Pattaya at a cost of $60 to 80 per night. The best resort in Pattaya should be about one mile away from the walking street and come at an affordable price. It should be in the best location, have the right amenities, great views of the city, pool, and everything at an affordable rate. If you are travelling with the whole family, you need to get the best family hotel.

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Walking Street

When you get to the walking street, you will check out the nightlife of Pattaya. In real sense, Pattaya does not sleep but Bangkok closes at around 2:00a.m. Pattaya has all types of nightlife and some cool little bars and you can choose any of them while checking out on the street. You will also enjoy the bbq seafood buffet Pattaya as you enjoy your walk on the street.

You will come across people from all the walks of life, clubs, tourists from all over the world, local Thai breakdancing along the streets, street vendors, local drinks, and many more. The go-go bars of Thai have hundreds of girls who walk up and down the walking street. However, this place is not for everyone but it is a cool place to walk around if you are with friends, single, or with your partner. If not, you can spend your evening in the best family hotel and still get an amazing experience of Pattaya.

Art in Paradise

This option is great for kids. It is a museum that is full of optical illusions and cool art. Any person of any age can enjoy the Art of Paradise but it is a must-visit for kids. From here, you can relax at the beach resort of your choice in the evening.

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The Floating Market

If you miss visiting some of the floating markets in Bangkok, Pattaya still has an opportunity for you. Apart from the best resort in Pattaya, the region has so much to offer to the visitors. You can ask your hotel for direction or take a taxi to the floating market.

Beach and Island

This is where you will get the best 5-star hotel in Pattaya. You can take a day trip in some of the islands that surround Pattaya. You can do so many activities here such as eating, shopping, and power sailing. It will also give you an opportunity to explore some of the top beaches in Pattaya. If you are visiting Pattaya for this first time, this article will give you great ideas on some of the best things to do in the region.