International Trends That Can Impact Pizza Delivery Singapore

Online order pizza is one of the most popular and craves-able fast food for most people. The sheer amount of variety and options it can offer are just incredible. In the foodservice landscape of pizza home delivery, you can really find that pizza chains are continuing to adapt to the latest technology. From takeout and delivery, change of business model from eating in only to takeaway. Technology innovation and the sizeable sharable option has made the staple food of Italy to become a convenient and reliable choice, note on pizza near me.

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Pizza is most suitable when you have off-premises occasions and groups together, with delivery food near me. Consumers will find most of the top pizza brand Singapore now making much effort to stand out in the increasingly crowded category, with takeaway pizza near me.

Especially international pizza chain where they need to execute effective branding that allows concepts to be set apart from other competitors. Have you really wonder who the great guy that put toppings on flatbread and consume it is? Here are some trends in the pepperoni pizza industry around the globe.

Before anything else, did you know there is an international event catered just for pizza-making experts and enthusiasts every year, with Singapore food delivery for pizza? The event International Pizza Expo gathered lovers from the restaurant industry every year to showcase some of the innovative things and ingredients such as top-grade flour and the best pizza in SG.

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Some of The Key Trend in Pizza Consumption

As consumers preference over pizza are changing with online order fast food, there is more demand changing in the foundation of pizza. For instance, the pizza base is changing for the new flour choices. More grains are used to provide a unique texture to crust. Authenticity has always been the most important factors when it comes to consuming pizza. Almost half of the population desire authentic pizza offerings. Which traditional means the Neapolitan-style pizza to them.

The real authentic can be defined by using the 00 flour that flies from Italy, which is quite costly. AS the flour requires wheat grown and milled in North America. It can provide the same crispy yet soft and subtle dough as the traditional flour. People that chase for authenticity on their pie just want some San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh hand-pulled mozzarella and basil top on the Ardents Mills Primo pizza flour.

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Authenticity and Healthy at Same Time

Next, the transparency in nutrition and the value facts are also a growing trend with pizza consumers. As simple recipes are more favourable because consumers find the healthier ingredients are more rustic. Nonetheless, the quality of pizza can also be levelled above with artisanal ingredients. Pizza consumers now cared a lot about how many per cent or gram of fat they are getting, the oil and salt ratio on the food. And also the source of ingredients.

As the internet makes food consumer nowadays more concern about the source of the ingredients. For instance, some may want components that have achieved standards such as GMO-free, Trans fat-free or organic.

Limited-Edition Pizza

Follow by that, there is also an increase in the celebration type of pizza. As seasonality and food holidays offer more ways to create festive eating occasions. The themed and seasonal offer of pizzas can capture some the celebratory spirit and serve well as limited-time-only / special edition. Research shows 80% of consumers with their local pizzerias would offer more premium, innovative toppings.